Meetings and Incentive Travel

Clients include:

 - Corporate,

 - Business,

 - Professional Associations

 - Non-profit,

 - Foundations, 





      Religious and



Sample clients:

Mampre Media International, LLC

Houston Culinary Guild

Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance

Order of St. Lazarus

Professionals in Culinary Arts

Road Scholars

Texas Lyceum

AT Productions, Inc.

​World Latin Dance Cup Competition 

Numerous Professional, Non-profit, Civic and Philanthropic organizations

 Sample countries: 

 USA, Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, England, Scotland, Austria, Sweden,  Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Iceland, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Panama,  Guatemala, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Japan, China, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia,  Vietnam, Tazmania, Korea, Guam - Pacific Islands, Morocco, Portugal, Madeira, India,  Russia and the old Soviet Union, Georgia, Armenia, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile,  Peru, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Jamaica, Macau, Netherlands, Finland,  Greece, Fiji, Spain, Dominican Republic,Slovenia, Bermuda, New Zealand, Czech  Republic, Croatia, Costa Rica, Belize, Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Poland, Wales,  Monaco.